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San Francisco:   Living the good life . . .

It is hard to imagine that the city of San Francisco once was called by another name. According to historical documents, San Francisco was once known as Yerba Buena. Back in the day San Francisco belonged to the Spanish empire and Yerba Buena translates as "Good Herb." The Spaniards, you see, valued mint greatly and found mint growing like weeds here. There is a subtle irony there.

Climate and Living in San Francisco

If you are looking for new homes in San Francisco, the good news is that the maritime climate that gave San Francisco its original name is excellent for gardening. September, which is the warmest month of the year, has an average temperature of 63 degrees. The summertime highs are usually between 65 and 76 with anything over 70 degrees being rare. The September low-average temperature is 55 degrees. The weather here is awesome. It is chilly in the morning, warms up by afternoon and then cools off again in late afternoon and evening. San Francisco is a jacket city. There is often a breeze even on the nicest of days. The new home neighborhoodsare scattered throughout Telegraph Hill and South of Market.

Culture and Dining in San Francisco

The Culture of San Francisco is eclectic. There are over 150 different languages spoken within the Bay Area. A prime example of a cultural neighborhood is Chinatown, which is the largest concentration of Asian culture outside of Asia, and the oldest Chinatown in the United States. Chinatown is a place where you feel as though you are in a foreign country. It is an amazing place with tons of shops, restaurants, and people.

San Francisco is also a world-class city for food. Scattered throughout the city are these amazing restaurants: Gary Danko's is in Fisherman's Wharf while Acquerello is off Polk street. Kiss Seafood is in Japantown, and downtown you have Kokkari Estiatorio, which is an outstanding Greek restaurant. Every neighborhood has something wonderful to offer hungry people.

Finding the Right Place to Live

There are homes for sale scattered all throughout San Francisco. The new home communities are primarily found around Telegraph Hill and South of Market Street. Both of these areas are outstanding. They offer great views of the San Francisco cityscape, the San Francisco Bay, and Oakland.  A good tip when out looking for new homes for sale is to pay attention to the view.  Some homes have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

New Home Buyers should consider the traffic in San Francisco. Rumor has it that there are more cars in San Francisco than there are parking spaces. If you have to park on the street, a smaller car works best. Most new home builders take this into consideration and where possible add a garage to the home design. There are plenty of local markets, and San Francisco has the MUNI system which offers both trains and bus transportation around the city. The MUNI system is easy to use, and it is located in all neighborhoods. The upside to having an awesome public transportation system is that homeowners may not need a car at all.

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